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Mrs Fitz’s Porridge from Outlander

Mrs Fitz’s Porridge from Outlander


Porridge. Parritch. And, over on this side of the pond, oatmeal. However you say it (parritch is the most fun), it’s easy to make — maybe a little too easy for a food blog — but, when it comes down to it, where else could Outlander Kitchen begin? I mean, really?

And I have no doubt that we’ll find ourselves coming back to the porridge bowl for another helping (and recipe) at some point — there’s a lot of different types of oats and ways to prepare them out there — but we’ve got time for steel-cut and whole groats later. Today, we’re going to start with the common rolled oat, sometimes sold as oatmeal. It’s as ubiquitous on the modern grocery store shelf as parritch was on Jamie’s breakfast table.

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